• BIOS
  • 27/28th Jan 2018
  • Booth 8419


  • Photonics West
  • 30th Jan/1st Feb
  • Booth 3007


    Moscone Centre ~ San Francisco, CA



  • Elforlight Latest News

    About Elforlight

    Elforlight was established in early 1997, the four founders sharing over 60 man years’ experience in the laser industry. Whilst our core business is diode pumped solid state lasers, we also offer the facility to design and manufacture a range of optical systems, including packages of laser diodes, drivers and thermal management.

    The company has a philosophy that will appeal to those seeking solutions to a problem, not just an off the shelf product. We work closely with customers to ensure we deliver a product that meets their requirements. We can draw on many years’ experience, not just with solid state lasers, but of customising those lasers to perform their function and to continue doing it for many years.

    Our customers also find our pricing policy refreshing.