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Tunable OPO 1700nm


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VOPO Visible and IR OPO

Elforlight introduce the new VOPO high repetition rate tuneable visible Optical Parametric Oscillator

Wavelengths from Blue to Red and beyond to IR are offered in nanosecond pulses (~3ns) at high repetition rates up to kHz frequencies.   Elforlight have pioneered short nanosecond (<2ns) pulses for photoacoustic microscopy, at standard 1064/532 wavelengths.  This wavelength versatile has been developed in response to demands for tuneability to facilitate spectroscopic studies.  Specific absorptions can now be targeted across the visible spectrum, in particular blood absorptions in the yellow / orange region.  IR versions around 1700nm target lipid (plaque) absorptions at up to 5kHz.  MIR outputs to 3 to 4 microns also available.

  • Tuneable 450  to 670nm, Idler available 750 to 2000nm
  • energies >20 microjoules
  • mJ level SWIR outputs at 1700nm, up to 5kHz
  • MIR outputs to 3 to 4 microns
  • Compact housing measuring 420x184mm
  • Integrated pump laser
  • All air cooled
  • Excellent pulse to pulse stability
  • RS232 controllable
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
Model OPO-100-500-1700 OPO-1-200-1700 OPO-5-100-1700
Repetition Rate 1-500Hz 1Hz to1kHz 1Hz-5kHz
OPO Energy 500μJ 200μJ 100μJ
Pulse width ~5ns ~7ns ~7ns
Power requirement 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Max 600W
Cooling Air cooled (no water required)
Dimensions Head 420mm x 184mm x 104mm, PSU 2U x 19" case
OPO Wavelength

1650 – 1950nm tunable
Other wavelengths / ranges on request, please contact factory

Tunabaility >50nm within range. Range factory set

OPO Series Housing

OPO Datasheet