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    I4 (1064nm Seeder) Series


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    These lasers are designed to provide a low noise, stable SLM seed source for larger laser resonators. They are relatively low power but the wavelength can be tuned to match the peak of the gain band of the resonator  to be seeded. They all have TEMoo output with a low M squared value which can enhance the mode quality of the seeded resonator in certain cases when mode matching is optimised.

    • Compact module utilising surface mount technology
    • Manual safety shutter
    • Fixed output power
    • Integral heatsink or heat spreader plate
    • User interface (interlock, on/off keyswitch etc.)
    • RS232 controllable
    • Active current limit
    • Current feedback mode
    • Auto power up sequence: warmup, current mode
    • Laser diode protection circuitry
    • Monitor following parameters:
      • Diode current limit, diode current setpoint, actual diode current
      • Diode & chipset temperature setpoint, actual temperature
    • Diode on-time LCD hour counter
    • Heatsink overtemp sensor > 50°C
    • Laser-head overtemp sensor > 39°C
    • Status & Diagnostic LED cluster
    • Designed and manufactured in the U.K.
    Model I4-30-1064-S I4-60-1064-S
    Power 30mW 60mW
    Wavelength 1064nm
    Tuneability ~ 100Ghz
    Spatial Mode TEM00 M2 < 1.2
    Longitudinal Mode Single Longitudinal Mode (SLM)
    Noise < 0.5% RMS (typ 0.2%)
    Beam Divergence < 2.5mRad
    Polarisation >100:1 Vertical

    I4 Laser Head I4 Power Supply

    I4 Seeder Datasheet I4 User Manual PSU LED Cluster