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    HPG Series


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    The HPG range of lasers operate continuous wave at a green wavelength of 532nm and power levels of up to 6 Watts are available. These systems provide a cost effective solution for general laboratory laser requirements and can also be used to pump Ti Sapphire systems. The lasers are air cooled and the power supply is housed in a 2U 19” case.

    • Variable power output
    • RS232 Control
    • Electro mechanical safety shutter
    • User interface (interlock, on/off switch)
    • Integrated adjustable beam expanding telescope
    • Air cooled
    • Laser diode protection
    • 19” rack power supply
    • Universal mains input
    • Remote control pendant option
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK
    Model HPG-2000 HPG-3000 HPG-4000 HPG-5000 HPG-6000
    Power 2W 3W 4W 5W 6W
    Wavelength 532nm
    Spatial Mode TEM00 M2 < 1.2
    Longitudinal Mode Multi Mode
    Noise 3% Pk / Pk
    Beam Divergence < 1mRad
    Polarisation >100:1 Horizontal
    HPG Laser Head HPG Power Supply

    HPG Datasheet HPG User Manual