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FQS Series


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MALDIThe FQS range of products builds on the very successful SPOT laser technology.  Adopting key technical design features, the FQS range produces a series of models delivering up to 400mJ with pulse widths at less than 5nsec.  Jitter is maintained at a low level across the range.  The compact laser head can be used to pump our dye laser products to produce a comprehensive range of wavelengths.  The UV variant of the FQS has been very successful as a light source for MALDI applications

  • Variable power output
  • RS232 Control
  • Manual safety shutter
  • User interface (interlock, on/off switch)
  • Air cooled
  • External trigger
  • Laser diode protection
  • 19” rack power supply
  • Universal mains input
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
Model FQS-400-1-1064 FQS-200-1-532 FQS-100-1-355
Wavelength 1064nm 532nm 355nm
Pulse Energy @ 1kHz > 400µJ > 200µJ > 100µJ
Pulse Width < 5ns < 5ns < 4ns
Repetition Rate 0-10kHz 0-10kHz 0-10kHz
Spatial Mode TEM00 M2 < 1.2
Jitter < +/- 1ns
FQS Laser Head FQS Power Supply

FQS Datasheet FQ User Manual